Depend Company History

Depend is a brand of adult incontinence products that comes in numerous types of styles and are manufactured by Kimberly-Clark. Depend products began being manufactured in 1983, but were not introduced to the public until 1984. The first type of incontinence product that Depend created were Depend Undergarment Liners that were worn inside of the underwear and held on by a small elastic belt. Also created at this time were Fitted Briefs, which were very similar to diapers for children.

From the mid 1980s until the mid 1990s, Depend brand products underwent numerous changes and styles. From the style of the product, to the packaging, different aspects of the product were tweaked. For instance, in 1988, they began using a type of padding that turned to gel when wet, which is called absorb lock padding. In 1989, they changed their packaging. No longer did the products come in a cardboard box, but now in plastic coverings. Absorption levels were improved as well, offering more choices in that department, as well as products designed for overnight wear. By the late 1990s, three absorption levels were established in Depend products, including regular, super absorbency, and super plus. These different options allowed people to purchase exactly for their needs. By 2001, Depend had created protective underwear for customers, coming in two different sizes. Changes to the looks of the packaging of Depend products also continued to change during recent years.

In March of 2009, Depend began a huge marketing campaign, with ads featured on television, in print, online, through the mail, and more. Their website, was redesigned in April of 2009. Depend also began marketing specific products towards either men or women, through showing the differences between men and women. Through the marketing campaign, Depend demonstrated that it strives to continue offering products that can be discreetly worn, and easily found for any type of incontinence needs. Depend continues to be a leading product for people experiencing incontinence issues.

Today, Depend offers four women’s products: White Underwear for Women in both moderate and maximum absorbency, Colored and Printed Underwear for Women in maximum absorbency, Adjustable Underwear with maximum absorbency, and Maximum Protection Easy-to-Change Garments. There are five products offered for men: Underwear for Men in Colors and Prints with maximum absorbency, Underwear for Men in White with maximum absorbency, Guards for Men, worn much like maxi-pads, in moderate absorbency, Adjustable Underwear in maximum absorbency, and Maximum Protection Easy-to-Change Garments. With the wide assortment, a consumer is likely to find just what they need.

Where to Find Depend Promotional Discounts, Deals & Coupon Codes

Kimberly-Clark does offer many coupons for its products in the local Sunday newspaper inserts like SmartSource and RedPlum. However, one easy way to gain access to coupons and promotions for Depend products is through signing up under the “Special Offers” on the Depend website. You can access that page here. By entering your name and email address, coupons and other money-saving options will be sent to your email address. Also, by clicking here you can access free samples of Depend products.

Incontinence is an issue that affects approximately thirteen million people in the United States. It is something that shouldn’t embarrass a person, as it can be a normal part of life for people depending upon their situation. Although it does affect many elderly people, it can also affect those that have been injured, or women that are pregnant, or have recently given birth. Luckily, Depend brand incontinence products offer a long line of products for all of your incontinence needs. By pairing coupons with your purchase, you can easily save money on the helpful incontinence products as well.