Cracker Barrel Logo.On September 19, 1969 Dan Evins, and his friend Tommy Lowe opened the first Cracker Barrel Country Store in Lebanon, TN. Dan was brought up shopping in old general stores, and he thought a good, home-cooked meal and a place to pick up a nice gift was just what travelers and truckers needed. So, rather than open a run of the mill fast food restaurant, Cracker Barrel was born.

Cracker Barrel served meals such as biscuits and gravy, and sides such as turnip greens and cornbread, and they were all from old family recipes; made from scratch. People stood in line to experience what almost seemed like a friendly visit with a neighbor due to the comfortable surroundings and friendly staff. Word got around very quickly, and by 1977 there were 17 stores from Tennessee to Georgia.

The store featured arts and crafts from local artists, handmade goods, candles, and candies. The decor was a mix of nostalgia and southern charm. Everything was made with a love for the human spirit and things of the past, and that feeling still holds strong. Whether you dined in a Cracker Barrel twenty years ago, or just last week you will still remember the smell of real wood, the fireplace burning, and the delicious home cooked food you were served.

So, the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has kept its old southern charm. The home cooked meals are still the same, the merchandise is still top-knotch, and the prices are still reasonable. The only thing that has changed is that they now span the nation, there are now 583 stores in 41 states across America.

The Lebanon store still stands, although it has been renovated to reflect a more modern style. You can still stop off of I-40 and sit on the front porch and rock for awhile. You can still sit with friends and family and enjoy a hot meal and a game of checkers at the original Cracker Barrel, as well as any of the other 582 stores.

Cracker Barrel coupons are not available in an effort to keep the quality high and costs low, however they do have a fantastic rewards program for frequent diners. Upon arriving or leaving Cracker Barrel, ask your hostess or cashier for a Cracker Barrel Front Porch Friends Rewards Card. The Rewards Card program can be scanned each time you dine or make a purchase at the Old Country Store and adds up to huge savings and freebies once you cash in your rewards points. You can redeem your points on meals, music, or other items in the store. For any regular Cracker Barrel customer, this is a deal not to be missed.