The contact lens was first distributed in the thirties and forties made from a hard plastic material. The lens was first offered with a ring of plastic surrounding a piece of glass was the first offering to the public.. Then in the fifties, plastic replaced the glass covering the cornea area. Gradually the thickness and diameter diminished. In 1971, Bausch and Lomb became the first manufacturer of soft contact lenses. These lenses were made from a soft, water-absorbing plastic material, which was thinner and more comfortable than hard contact lenses. Today, more than 90% of contact lens users wear the soft material.

Many new ideas are coming from manufacturers to make the use of contact lenses more comfortable and popular. Now lenses for astigmatisms are available as well as, extended-wear and disposable. Changing/ eye color can also be achieved with the purchase of pigment changing lenses.

Contact lens care is an important part of owning contact lenses. However, contact lens solution has not been around as long as the lens itself. Bausch and Lomb became the first company to offer a cleaning solution specifically for contact lenses in 1980. Contact lens cleaner must do two important things: clean and disinfect. Cleaning the lens is not enough and using soap and water is not an efficient way to maintain the lenses. Many germs exist on the human finger, so in order to keep a healthy eye, the product must also disinfect.

Today many products are available for consumers to purchase. Over 20 years ago, two-step cleaners were the only way to go. This was a laborious process that most people did not look forward to every day. One had to use the cleaner and rub the lens with the fingers. Then the lenses would be placed in a small container that would be filled with hydrogen peroxide and a small pill designed to bring down the acid. This process took no less than two hours. What used to be a laborious task is now simpler and faster for every contact lens user.

As one can imagine, the daily use of the cleanser can require the user to purchase the product on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Since the solution is a necessity, the cost can be quite expensive. In fact, some cleaners can cost up to $12 per bottle. Discounts exist for buying a pack of two, but a consumer can easily spend numerous dollars on the cleaning process. In order to save money, the purchaser needs to find sales at their local stores or find coupons to defer the cost.

Coupons are an excellent way to reduce the cost of contact lens solutions. Sunday newspapers provide a various selection of cents-off coupons through which the reader must search. The most direct way to find the coupons are via the internet. All that is needed is a quick search of contact lens solution coupons and a myriad of responses will follow.

Visiting brand sites are one of the best ways to find coupons on a regular basis. One such website is . This site provides exclusive two dollar off coupons for Opti-Free products. They also offer a rewards program which is a fantastic way to earn points while one buys their products. Another site that offers two dollar coupons is . Bausch and Lomb is the owner of this website and give the consumer a choice of saving on their Renu® Fresh™ or Renu® Sensitive™ products. This same form also gives the option of receiving additional information about their other products. This option might send additional money-saving coupons to the subscriber at different times during the year.

Another outstanding way to find coupons is to go to store websites. One such website that is worth visiting is Walgreens offers a coupon book that saves the consumer $15 on the purchase of contact lens solution. This coupon book is solely for the purchase of Clear Care contact lens solution products, however if this is the brand used by the customer, Walgreens is the place to purchase the product.

The next way to discover coupons for contact lens solution is to go to a coupon website. These sites require that the user download a free coupon printer software, but they offer flexibility in what the subscriber chooses. Smartsource is one such website that offers coupons of many varieties. is a an easily navigable coupon site that organizes the coupons by zip code. This feature helps the consumer to find the coupons that work in his residential area. Type the zip code, then search for the contact lens solution coupons. Another versatile coupon website is . This site offers more than grocery coupons; however, their website is very organized and provides offers from other websites. This site is for those who like to do a little homework and have time to search for coupons and great money saving deals.

The worldwide web offers many ways for the customer to save money. With all the opportunities available to buy products at price deductions, why shop without discovering existing savings? In these economic times, people must be smart shoppers. Take the time to search the web for contact lens solution savings, and the consumer will find a way to save money for every purchase.