Cheddars Logo.In 1978 something interesting was happening outside of the small town of Arlington Texas. Two people, Aubrey Good and Douglas Rogers has a concept for a family friendly restaurant that would feature a wide array of home cooked meals that had good value and great taste. Every aspect of the meal you will receive from Cheddar’s is made from quality ingredients and cooked on site. The ingredients are not frozen or brought in pre-cooked, but are made fresh each day.

Aubrey and Doug had the concept in mind for Cheddar’s Restaurants. Situated not far from Six Flags in Texas they opened their first restaurant in the latter part of the 1970’s and the rest is, quite literally, history. Cheddar’s restaurants are just what the two of them envisioned.

Today, just a little more than thirty years later, Cheddar’s has evolved and grown radically from what it was in the beginning. In spite of their growth and the wide range of states that Cheddars Family Restaurants can be found in, from the Northeast to the Midwest, Cheddar’s has stayed true to that first vision.

They are a family friendly, upscale restaurant with a great atmosphere and a focus that stays on great food that is made from scratch to offer good value and good taste to the American public.

Cheddar’s Casual Cafe, from its website that is viewed by thousands each month, offers the diner coupons, discount offers Cheddar’s promotional offers and tries in many ways to make your dining out experience more affordable and easy to accomplish.

From that first restaurant in Arlington Texas to a chain with a wide reach and a broad scope of fans, Cheddar’s brings you the same great food but with a difference. They strive, by offering Cheddar’s coupons and discounts to their food, to permit you to experience it more often and for less money.

Cheddar’s keeps costs down by not advertising, but instead relying on building fans by word of mouth advertising to get new customers to their excellent dining experience.

Cheddars website also offers gift certificates that are available in multiple denominations including $10, $20 and $25. They can be found for purchase on Cheddars website as well as from the Cheddars restaurant in your location.

To find Cheddars Restaurant discount coupons or to speak with Cheddars representatives you may visit the website at or you may contact Cheddars by phone or mail using the address listed below.
Cheddars Headquarters
6600 Campus Circle Drive East
Suite 560, Irving, Texas 75063