Campbell’s History

The Campbell Soup Company stimulates name recognition throughout the world through their famous line of canned and condensed soups. The company started canning their products 130 years ago and has followed a basic tradition for quality canned soups continually throughout the years. The red and white labels on a Campbell’s soup can stand out in any grocery store or supermarket and is still one of the most popular brands of canned soups on the market.

Throughout the history of the Campbell Company, various icons and unique logos have appeared in marketing promotions. The adorable “Campbell’s Kids” took children through their childhood with the image of little imps having fun with soup in the kitchen. Anyone who hears the phrase, “M’m! M’m! Good”, always thinks of Campbell’s soup. The image carried into the Pop Art culture when Andy Warhol incorporated a Campbell’s soup can into his famous painting. The bright colored packaging, warm family oriented messages and consistent product quality has made the company the largest producers of canned soup in the world.

Soups – The Main Product Line for Campbell’s

The Campbell Company’s main product line originated with canned soups and continues to be the stronghold of the manufacturer. Classic condensed soup flavors such as tomato, chicken noodle and vegetable beef are international favorites. Many recipes handed down from grandmothers to mothers and daughters call for a can of Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup as a main ingredient. The soups are simple to prepare and are often one of the first meals that children learn to cook. With the trend toward healthier prepared foods, a new line of ready-to-heat- soup products such as Healthy Request, Low Sodium, Select Harvest and Chunky soups arrived on the market. Dietary soups with less fat and lower cholesterol are also offered. The company also offers a line of kids soups made with special noodle shapes and packaged with labels featuring cartoon characters.

Other Food Products Manufactured by Campbell’s

The Campbell Company ‘s success with soup production allowed them to purchase other food products lines that already had a substantial share of their markets. They added sauces to the product offerings including Prego pasta sauce, Pace picante sauce and ready to use canned gravies that carry the Campbell name. For kids, they added SpaghettiOs, a popular canned pasta and sauce combination and marketed the product as both nutritious and convenient for parents.

Another hit came along with the introduction of V-8 juice, a blend of eight vegetables. The product line now includes fruit juice blends known as V-8 Splash and Infusion. Returning to the proven soup market, Campbell’s produces a line of gourmet soups under the V-8 label. Packaged in box containers, these soups use a vegetable base.

When the company introduced Swanson TV dinners, a new trend in convenient food service hit the shelves. The Swanson line also includes chicken, beef and vegetable broth and stock as well as cooked and canned chicken. The Pepperidge Farm label is also owned by Campbell’s where packaged crackers, cookies and breads are produced and marketed.

Charity Programs Supported by Campbell’s Foods

The Campbell Company works with hundreds of schools to support extracurricular programs and educational advancement. The Labels for Education Program, LFE, began 30 years ago and allows a school coordinator to register and collect labels from Campbell products. As labels are collected, rewards for the school accumulate. The funds may be used for equipment and supplies after a certain number of points are achieved.

Where to Locate Campbell Soup Deals, Promotional Discounts & Coupon Codes

The majority of local newspapers published in the U.S. include weekly ads for discounts on food products. The ads may include flyers from regional grocery stores or supermarkets that feature Campbell’s soup and other items. Larger discount warehouse stores such as Wal-Mart, carry the most popular flavors such as chicken noodle, tomato and cream of chicken at a discounted price. Coupons for
Campbell’s soup may be redeemed at any market or national discount store. By visiting the Campbell website at, shoppers may locate specialty merchandise such as holiday ornaments and food products not normally stocked.

At, consumers may print coupons for soups, juices and Pepperidge Farm breads. Coupons often feature a $1.00 savings on 1 or 2 cans or $.75 and $.55 on a single item. Coupons for Swanson’s chicken broth that offer a $1.00 savings on 2 boxes are available at Viewers who visit will find a collection of recipes that feature Campbell’s soup and a listing of website locations that feature printable coupons. The products offered by Campbell’s satisfy many families who rely on the consistent quality and affordable pricing.

Readers who register at are invited to submit current coupon deals and how to find them, for example, in the Red Plum mailers sent to many addresses in the U.S.