Butterball Logo.Butterball is one of the top selling brands of pre-cleaned and dressed turkeys on the market in the United States.Thanksgiving and Christmas are traditionally family times. The turkey in the center of a table surrounded by friends and family is a part of that celebration and has been for many years. The turkey, more than anything else is what Butterball is famed for, and what the company does better than any other product.

Butterball company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, in the center of the bustling city.

Butterball Turkey was founded in the mid 1950s. The turkeys were named for their wide shape, plump full breast, and the fact that they remained moist after the lengthy cooking process, a factor that many other turkeys which had been previously frozen didn’t seem to offer. It was well received and remains the most widely selected turkey product on the market due to the moist, tender product that the consumer consistently gets at the end of the roasting process.

In 2006 Butterball merged with Carolina Turkeys to become the company known as Butterball LLC, bringing more choices and products to the consumer.

For more than fifty years Butterball has offered fresh and frozen turkeys to the smart shopper to celebrate the major holidays, or simply to get a great meal at a great price.

Butterball turkeys offer multiple ways to use the turkey that you purchase, featuring recipes for soups, stock, roasted meals or simple leftover recipes that don’t taste like the typical leftovers.

In addition to these things the Butterball LLC offers discount coupons for the consumer for as much as 2.00 to 3.00 dollars off of the price of the turkey that you select for your holiday or celebratory meal.

Butterball Turkey even offers a Butterball Talk Line where you may telephone the company with questions, comments and to request recipes and other things, along with a website that provides multiple recipes and permits you to take part in a community-like atmosphere to discuss problems and ideas for your Butterball turkey or holiday celebrations.

To take advantage of the dollars-off coupons or to offer your own ideas to the consumers who take part in the Butterball website offerings, you may visit the main site for Butterball Turkey on the web, which is located at

The website also offers a wide array of other promotions, including rebate offers on your holiday meals.

Contacting Butterball is easy by telephone or emails as well.
Butterball, LLC
One Butterball Lane
P.O. Box 2389
Garner, NC 27529

P: 919.255.7900
F: 919.255.7973