Black Angus Logo.Black Angus opened their first steakhouse type restaurant in the spring of 1964. Unknown at that time, Stuart Anderson was a native of the state of Washington. He was a rancher who was well known in his own area, who had an idea. Anderson took a single hotel, the Caledonia hotel, in Seattle Washington and remodeled it. His idea was to offer his outstanding quality meats to the public as part of a pre-cooked meal.

His original goal for his restaurants was that he wanted to offer the restaurant patrons the chance to get an affordable steak meal in a home style atmosphere which offered them complete and friendly service. The idea caught on and today Black Angus restaurants are offered in more than 40 locations all across the western part of the United States.

Found in six states in the west, the 45 locations that Black Angus steakhouses offer to their patrons serve more than three thousand patrons at each restaurant per week. Black Angus can be found in Washington, California, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, and New Mexico.

The Black Angus Restaurants enjoy a sterling reputation which has been built on offering quality meals with delicious components to diners at a really great price. Black Angus steaks are aged to perfection and then grilled for the customer to their specifications over an open flame as opposed to on a regular restaurant type grill.

The superior quality of the Black Angus experience means that more and more people visit Black Angus Steakhouses each week.

Visiting the Black Angus restaurant can net you discount coupons to use for your visit to the restaurants. You may also purchase gift cards for offerings to friends or family when you visit the Black Angus website, as well as joining the PrimeClub.

When you join the Black Angus Prime club, which is free of charge on the Black Angus company website, located at
you are offered the opportunity to gather more discounted items, as well as a free steak dinner on your birthday each year. The purchase of a certain number of gift cards will also net you multiple discount coupons to be used at the Black Angus restaurants as a thank you gift for your gift card purchases.

The Black Angus company is still based in their initial state of Washington and may be contacted for customer service inquiries via the website contact forms or by telephone or email. at their Customer support center in California by using the information listed below.

Or contact us at the
Restaurant Support Center
4410 El Camino Real #201
Los Altos, CA 94022
Toll Free: 800-382-3852