Bakers Square Logo.Bakers Square is a wonderful company that has been serving the best pie in America since 1983. And, not only do they serve pies but they also proudly serve meals as well. The main goal of this fabulous establishment is to care for the guests and deliver the best family dining experience so that each individual leaves with a sense of well-being. Also, not only is the ambiance unique in this place, the locations are extremely clean and sanitary making Bakers Square one of the best places to bring the family.

Bakers Square uses only the finest ingredients to make their pies and because of this, they have been known as the best pie maker in the country. The pies available are: Banana Cream, Fruitabulous Blueberry, Fruitabulous Boysenberry, Caramel Apple A La Mode, Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme, Carrot Cake, Fruitabulous Cherry, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Coconut Cream, Fruitabulous Country Apple, Custard, French Apple, French Apple Cream Cheese, French Silk, Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Strawberry Cream Cheese, Hot Fudge Brownie A Mode, Lemon Meringue, Lemon Supreme, Oreo Cookie, Fruitabulous Peach, Pecan, Pumpkin, Fruitabulous Raspberry, Fruitabulous Strawberry Rhubarb, and Fruitabulous Triple Berry.

This delicious establishment actually started from a small pie shop that also served sandwiches in Des Moines. In the beginning, this little shop produced home-made pies that did not come out of a machine. During this time, only two types existed – single layer cream pies and single layer meringue pies like lemon meringue and chocolate cream. Eventually, Pillsbury saw this operation as a gold mine and bought out the store naming it Poppin Fresh Pies. Since that time in the early 1980’s, Pillsbury has expanded this operation making it one of the most well-known pie shops in the country. Although they have several locations throughout the country, their biggest locations are in the Midwest as this is where they started.

Not only does Bakers Square offer pies and dining at their establishments, they also make whole pies for special occasions like birthdays, holidays, events, and more. This exquisite pie shop is known for their exceptional service and because of this, many people become regulars. And, although their business has grown, they still have that at-home feeling that makes them unique; one thing that Bakers Square has not forgotten is their roots and how they grew. Therefore, how big they have gotten does not get to their head – there is still that down-home feel and quaintness that has made them who they are today.

One can find coupons for this fine establishment in many locations online and offline. Online one can get these coupons by signing up for the official discount coupon & deals newsletter on the official Bakers Square website at Also, Bakers Square offers a free slice of pie with the purchase of a meal every Wednesday for their Pie Rush Wednesday event every Wednesday.