Yesterday was a long one. I got out of using the riding lawnmower. I’m not sure why I’m so scared to learn to use that thing. He wasn’t able to fix their lawnmower as the belt was too small. He changed the oil filter, spark plug and did other maintenance. The thing was purring like a kitten…just couldn’t cut any grass with it.

I just kept plodding along with my trusty 14 year old lawnmower. I love my little Murray. It is so light weight. My husband wanted to sell it in the garage sale…but I said NO WAY!!…..I’ll never find one like that again. He just laughed and said, “You’re right!!”

The first time I checked my pedometer, I had walked over 12,000 steps. I was surprised since I still felt fine. It wasn’t quite as hot as it has been lately. I think that probably was a contributing factor. I drank plenty of water. I bought Dasani raspberry flavored water the other day. I really like it.

The final toll for walking in that yard was 22,586 steps. That’s over 10 miles. My knees were killing me when I got home. I took a hot shower and then had to run to the store. The gas hedge trimmer I had bought the day before, quit working after an hour. We took it back and exchanged it. I hope this one isn’t defective.

It’s time to hit the lawn circuit again. It’s suppose to rain this afternoon. We’ve got 4 lawns to do today. All fairly small. YIPPEEE

Grabbing my water and heading out the door.